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Jerusalem All-Day Tour

Jerusalem All-Day Tour

$93 per person

Tour Highlights:

  • Briefing with maps
  • Old City
  • East Jerusalem
  • The Separation Wall
  • Palestinian Neighborhoods
  • Settlements
  • Checkpoints

The experience is intended for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, to go a little beyond the ‘Them and Us’ discourse, and to learn from a guide who has in-depth knowledge of the issues and an alternative perspective.

This tour begins with a briefing by the guide – an introduction to the occupation and analysis of the settlements in the Old City and the surrounding Holy Basin.
Then an alternative walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.
The emphasis of the tour will include the three major religions in in the Old City of Jerusalem and a discussion of the implications and conflict within the Quarters.

The walk through the Muslim Quarter includes a visit to the top of the Austrian Hospice for a view of the city. You will also see the quickly growing Settler’s homes in the Muslim quarter and discuss how it’s effected life in the Old City and surrounding neighborhoods. You will also visit the Western Wall Plaza, in the heart of the Old City and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

An explanation and discussion on the importance of the sites to Judaism and Islam will be given and a focus on Muslim and Jewish archaeological and development ventures around Al Aqsa Mosque, which are sources of the tensions and discontent within this city.

The first half of the tour concludes with a walk through the Christian Quarter and returns to Damascus Gate for Lunch.

After lunch, you will drive through to some of the Jerusalem Settlements, Palestinian neighborhoods and see the separation barrier – discuss the effects and situation of the life in East Jerusalem. This part of the tour reveals the facts about life in East Jerusalem.
This tour expands your knowledge of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The guide provides an in-depth discussion of the issues with an alternative perspective.

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7 Hours
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Jerusalem: 9:00am - Bethlehem: 8:00am - Tel Aviv: 6:30am
  • Return Time
    Jerusalem: 04:00pm - Bethlehem: 5:00pm - Tel Aviv: 5:30pm
  • Included
    Jerusalem All-Day Tour