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Introduction to Palestine – 4 Days/4 Nights Tour

Introduction to Palestine – 4 Days/4 Nights Tour

$815 per person

This four- day experience provides you with an overview of the West Bank, Palestinian culture and the overall daily life of the Palestinians under occupation. The tours are guided by Israeli and Palestinian guides and visit five cities to provide an eye-opening and unforgettable experience. These informative tours have an “Alternative” perspective and provide interactions with locals and opportunities for discussions.
Overnight stays at a home with a Palestinian family, in Beit Sahour, just outside of Bethlehem, enhances the experience through a feel for the daily living, enjoying home cooked traditional Palestinian food and conversing with the family over a cup of tea or coffee.
You also get a chance to visit the Alternative Information Café on Tuesday nights – for a short film or presentation with your local guide.
The AIC – an Israeli/Palestinian staffed organization, promoting the rights of the Palestinians.

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4 Days/4 Nights
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Jerusalem: 9:00am - Bethlehem: 8:00am - Tel Aviv: 6:30am
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    Introduction to Palestine – 4 Days/4 Nights Tour
DAY 1 - MONDAY Jerusalem Tour - Old City & Greater Jerusalem
You will meet the tour guide at 10:00am at Jerusalem Hotel Cafe. You will begin with a briefing with maps and discussion with the guide. Then an alternative walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. A visit to the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. You will also see the quickly growing Settler's homes in the Muslim quarter and discuss how it's effected life in the Old City and surrounding neighbourhoods. After lunch, you will drive through to some of the Jerusalem Settlements, Palestinian neighbourhoods and see the separation barrier - discuss the effects and situation of the life in East Jerusalem. This comprehensive tour is an important first step to understand the complexities of Jerusalem and the conflict in general. After a first day, full of information, you will go to Beit Sahour to meet the Palestinian family that will host your stay.
DAY 2 - TUESDAY Bethlehem Tour
The guide will pick you up in the morning for a full day tour in Bethlehem. You'll have an up close look at the Separation Barrier from the other side of what was seen on the previous day and also see some of the amazing graffiti, much of it painted by visitors from abroad, and including work done by the famous artist, Banksy. You'll visit the Aida Refugee Camp where several generations of Palestinians have lived since 1948, and have not been allowed back to their homes. The camp is managed by a United Nations agency and remains one of the poorest districts in Bethlehem. You'll visit a community organisation in the camp and have a discussion with one of the officials there as well as interact with locals. You will also visit the Nativity Church and Manger Square - with a short guided tour in the Church.
DAY 3 - WEDNESDAY Nablus Tour
An early start to the day for a drive through the West Bank to Nablus. En-route view the villages and settlements filling the areas. Upon arrival in Nablus, the first stop is Balata Refugee Camp - meet with locals and an organization in this crowded camp. The tour includes a visit to the Old City, where you will stop at an olive oil soap Factory, spice shop and view a Turkish Bath. You will also visit Jacob's Well and then head up Mount Gerizim to visit the Samaritan's hilltop village, including a temple and museum.
DAY 4 - THURSDAY Hebron & Ramallah Tour
This final tour of the trip is a rare tour that takes you from one part of the West Bank to another. This tour visits the busy city of Ramallah than travels to the old city of Hebron. Taking the alternative route for the Palestinians to Ramallah, you will visit the Tomb of Arafat and then enter into the streets of this busy city, witnessing the overcrowded markets and high-rise buildings throughout this fast growing city. After departing Ramallah, you will make way to Hebron through the roads shared by Palestinians and Israelis viewing the quickly expanding settlements throughout the West Bank. The tour moves on to Hebron, one of the oldest towns in Palestine, and begins with a walk through the old market or "Souk". Explore the varieties of shops, with a chance to do some shopping, and see the settlements surrounding the area, which has caused conflict within the streets of this city. Then head towards the Mosque of Abraham to see Al-Haram. The tour of Hebron concludes visiting the glass factory to enjoy the amazing production of blown glass products, a common industry in Hebron. Return to your homestay for the final night with the family.
DAY 5 - FRIDAY Departure
After breakfast, arrangements can be made for transfer back to Jerusalem - You can travel independently to experience the checkpoint as Palestinians do via bus which will take you to the bus station at Damascus Gate in Central Jerusalem. Or we can provide a private taxi for return to a destination in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or the Airport.