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Enjoy this unique Banksy Graffiti based tour throughout Bethlehem. See the various graffiti on the walls throughout the city and visit Banksy...

5 hours from Jerusalem • All day from Tel Aviv

Full day Bethlehem & Hebron Tour visiting the local Refugee Camp, Nativity Church and move towards Hebron for a walk through the old market, a visit to the Mosque of Abraham and Synagogue...

8 Hours

This tour starts in Bethlehem visiting Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity, with a brief visit to Aida Refugee Camp. Then move on to visit the ancient city of Jericho. See the tree of life...

7.5 Hours

Visit Aida Refugee camp for a presentation and the opportunity to speak to locals, the Separation Barrier and the difficulties it has brought upon the Palestinians, the Nativity Church and...

8 Hours

Full day Bethlehem Tour begins at the Separation Barrier. Visit a nearby Refugee Camp, Manger Square, Bethlehem Old City, the Nativity Church and Mar Saba Monastery.

8 hours

Learn about the facts on the ground in East Jerusalem. Visit settlements and Palestinian neighborhoods. This tour is intended for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the...

3 Hours

Spend the day in one part of the West Bank to another. This rare tour visits the busy city of Ramallah than travels to the old city of Hebron. See Arafat's Tomb, Abraham's Mosque, a...

8 Hours

This tour starts with as journey through ancient Jericho. Visit the Mount of Temptation, Old Jericho, Hisham's Palace and more. Then take a dip in the natural waters of the Dead Sea.

8 Hours

This tour is an essential first step to understand the complexities of Jerusalem and the "conflict" in general. The experience is intended for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the...

7 Hours

The tour will emphasis the centrality of the Old City of Jerusalem to the three monotheistic religions and visit some of the visible icons of the Israeli Occupation.

3 Hours

En-route to Nablus from Jerusalem you'll see a large swath of the Central West Bank, passing numerous Palestinian villages, Jewish settlements, and groves of ancient olive trees...

8 Hours